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Our Autumn Winter 2012 is directed towards a journey. A journey with great history paving the way to our globalised world centuries ago. The ‘Silk Road’ as it is refered to most commonly, has been one such route that along its way has seen all sorts of exchanges - money, commodity, needs, religion, gods and most importantly culture. People who complete the enitre route have been limited and have earned their fair share of fame. This collection is a take upon the sects in the middle, i.e. the epicentre of this immensely intriguing path – the middle east and ancient constatinople. Taking into consideration that every missionary, trader or soldier crossed or atleast reached this patch of land during their travel through, continuing their journey eastwards to china or westwards to Rome, in some cases or else passing on the required trade to an agent to carry it forward. With traces of greek god worship still seen in tribes in the valleys between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Islam still prevalent in Eastern Europe, Alexanders blue-eyed descendants native to parts of the Indian Subcontinent, or Buddha being realised as a man due to influence from greek art, the exchange of information is inevitable and most fascinating. Our ‘Chauraha’ seeks to understand and inspire from such harmony in contrasts this Winter. It takes from the coming together of various pieces to form something completely different.