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Sparked by the quintessential Bollywood vamp our Autumn Winter Collection stems from a time when cabaret-themed mona darlings and teddy-boy styled heroes danced away to the climax of a movie. Dating back to the origins of these times and their muses; the collection takes its shape through new found forms of sexuality, the divinity of apsaras, art-deco and it’s geometry, our east fused with the west, equality through times of dependence, clothes mirroring motives - the good draped in a sari and the bold westernized. 

Māyā represents our conditioned minds from where the illusions of physical reality spring. Our AW13 line up is our redefinition of idealistic portrayals, blurring definitive stereotypes and accentuating hidden personalities. 

Through motifs associated with ideas of freedom, symmetry, opulence and mystery, the collection mirrors the inspiration through embroidery, print and tactile surface ornamentation coupled with differing weight natural cotton fabrics that play with each other to form layers and illusions to convey the multiplicity of perceptions - always dependent on the experience of the onlooker.