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AW15/ Chavi

Perception is defined as an act of understanding, based on one’s own sensory processes and thrives predominantly on moral beliefs and physical experiences of the viewer. 


With multiple influences in modern life and globalisation come multiple perspectives that deconstruct stereotypes and rebuild images in contemporary culture. 


The early forms of such new age imagery dates back centuries with the late 19th century bursting with a slew of portraits of Native Indian Aristocrats, Maharajas, Maharanis, Political Prisoners and Feudal Lords emulating influences, foreign and local with equal ease. These images reflect individualistic points of view of perceived notions to showcase in some cases masculinity, equality, adaptability, feminism and modernism in ways both, functional and aesthetic.


Stripes and Polkas are layered with geometric floral patterns to create dimension 2D & 3D in nature, achieved through fabric manipulation techniques of pleating and smocking; the use of age old hand embroidery materials such as zari; and Tie-dye techniques on Silks and Cottons in rich Reds, Emeralds and Blues, interspersed with Pastel variants of the same. 


The surface ornamentation techniques create structure and ornamentation in the silhouette, adapting from the inspiration of clothing styles that are severely stereotyped through gender, class and culture, each layer conceals or showcases multiple perspective points.