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'Beyond Quilting'


Culture, community and collaboration are values that lie at the heart of Ka-Sha. For us, craft and design are mediums to help us create and tell stories that enrich and educate while spearheading impactful change. At Ka-Sha as well as our fairly new homegrown label, Heart to Haat, we aim to create products that are conscious in nature, generate zero waste and that support the needs modern functionality. Supporting traditional crafts and their makers lies at the heart of our brand’s philosophy, and we are always exploring ways to tap into the already existing potential and lend to it our support.

Our collaboration with Quilt Culture has been one such endeavour. This women-led organization focuses on reviving and preserving the traditional 'godhadi' (quilting-making) craft of Maharashtra. A craft that is inherently an upcycled effort in which old clothing and fabrics are utilised to make quilts by way of patch-work and layering.


The objective of 'Beyond Quilting', was to start a dialogue of concepts and an exchange of skill between these traditional quiltmakers and designers from India and Amsterdam. The two-week International Research Project was carried out at Quilt Culture's facility at Kondhwa, where we worked closely with the artisans alongside our fellow designers Dhara Kabria of Studio Alternatives, textile designer Simone Post, textile and furniture designer Mae Engelgeer, graphic designer Richard Niessen and the Curators of this project Rucha Kulkarni, Edith Rijnja and Harald Schole.


A large part of our inspiration was drawn from our age old Indian storeis that often serve as a guide to our life : a reflection of our selves. “Change is the only constant”, as we keep transforming into different versions of ourselves, with some pre-defined boundaries of 'positive' and 'negative' coexisting and manifesting within us and our choices. 

- Team Ka-Sha