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When good and evil collide heroes are born, stories are woven and ethics are put to test. Our Spring Summer 2013 is a story of such times where god was reincarnated, women turned fates, chariots could fly and animals were equals. When art forms had patrons, elephants were clad in gold and devotion led to steadfast belief. This ‘Katha’ or Story inspires from the evergreen literary epics namely the Ramayan or the Tamil Ramavataram or the Javanese Kakawin Ramayana or the Thai Ramakien to name a few. It takes its shape from visions of beauty and unmatched grandeur reflective of one’s deeds. With a focus on surface textiles the collection reflects characters, weaponry, royal adornments, animals, processions and other elements reminiscent of our imagination of the time. Immaculately hand-drawn illustrations adorn the garments through hand-embroidery and printing techniques. Colours resonate jewel tones galore and add to it pops of subdued tones of the same and our summer colour palette is born, all hand-dyed to suit our needs. Luxurious fabrics in their most natural forms are the choice for this collection as in our past ones. Our undying support towards organic, hand-woven and fair trade fabric results in the use of organic yarn dyed hand-woven denims, organic cottons, linens, pure silks in differing weights, traditionally woven mashrus, hand-woven khadis and organic georgettes. The above fabrics meet tactile hand-surface techniques with an integration of luxury with sportswear, reminiscent of the battles and action-filled lives of these references. Where drape meets manly structure, fluidity meets sport-disciplined lines and form meets ornamental curves our story meets the one told many times. Through its own interpretations of this unfathomable and heaven on earth era ‘Katha’ has its own tales to tell.