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SS16/ Chitra

Our SS16 collection takes its inspiration from age old Indian miniature paintings. Famed for their brilliance of color and minute decorative details this form of story telling conveys tales of mortals, Gods and nature alike. The paintings showcase ornate translucent fabric clad subjects amidst backdrops of architecture and nature. The patterned decorative flowers and their romanticized rendering are reminiscent of enchanted gardens laden with tropical flowers and extraordinary creatures weaving stories of love and mysticism in their midst. Local Indian flora and fauna inspire the artwork of this collection in silhouette, detail and surface ornamentation of the garments. The work of Bryan Whitney that captures flowers using X-ray photography, forms another dimension of inspiration that renders visuals of translucency of layers created by petals and their overlaps. The craft of ‘Chamba Rumals' that relies heavily on miniature paintings for its illustrations, forms the basis for our embroidery technique; illustrative, colorful, reversible and laden with basic stitches to create beautiful artwork. 

Florals on the clothing are translated through Clamp dyed patterns, hand embroidery, block printing, mirror work and smocking, to create reversible and airy garments that express contemporary luxury. The color palette borrows heavily from the rich pigments in the paintings, ranging from rich red to rose pink, inky blues to sunshine yellows; in hand woven ‘Jaamdanis’ and ‘cotton Muls'.