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SS17/ Jyamiti

Our Spring-Summer 2017 collection takes inspiration from a vintage photograph of a lady wearing a Sari with a Trench Coat. The contrast garments effortlessly put together showcase the art of adaptability that can co-exist without disrupting what is already present. The versatility and fluidity of the inherently ‘Indian’ sari through its multitude of drapes influenced by the wearers life stand in stark contrast to the famously ‘foreign’ trench coat with its structure and tailoring - both only agreeing upon functionality despite their diverse approaches to the same. 


Light & Medium weight Khadi, Mal and Chanderi are rendered with Light embroidery and surface details such as pleating and chording come together to create linear patterns and textures. Oversized geometric shapes are gathered & tied with indigenous methods of knotting and tucking to create fluidity. Decorative hand stitch details and techniques like fagoting are used to join panels together to bring this patchwork of contrast inspirations together. The colour story includes Off-White, Sunshine Yellow, Dark Red and Bright Navy with the addition of Ice Mint & Emerald.