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SS18/ Love Story

All around us actions of violence and thoughts of fear precede. The more we discriminate the more we generate hate. The human spirit fights through adversities and hardship to look ahead hoping for a different tomorrow. One that is filled with love and joy. One that finds beauty in all, striving for progress even in the face of the gravest.


Leonard Cohen once said ‘There is a crack in everything that is how light gets in’, drawing our focus to Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that derives from imperfection and transience. We inspire from its quality of finding beauty in imperfection and diversity. Beauty in places where more often that not people don’t look due to stereotyped viewpoints. ‘Like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.’ The wildflowers address our response to the oppressive role of typecasting, that grow in all the places that people think they never would, adding colour and beauty to their environ. Taking from their colours and growth patterns we create textures and fill our colour palette with Reds, Blues, Violets, Yellows and Greens. The simplest embroidery stitches are used to create texture interspersed over the products in thread, sequins and bead work. 

We look further towards the horizon to see two diametrically opposite elements create an illusion of co-existence. Seamlessly mixing into one another yet retaining their identity. Colours and shapes merge yet retain their identity lending to our clothing their soft yet structured approach.


Each piece we make is crafted staying consciously aware of its end and its effects on the world around us. Sustainable in processes of making and conscious in choice of materials, the clothing uses natural fabrics such as cottons, silks and denim handwoven in various weights and recycled textile remnants by way of hand-knitting and weaving. 


Our Spring Summer Story finds beauty in imperfection. It finds love instead of hate. It searches for unity in diversity. It believe in stories where good wins over evil. It yearns for people not stereotypes, a horizon where colours merge and don’t determine your success or failure, a haven where your race doesn’t bind you or your gender doesn’t take away your rights. We focus on things from the inside-out bringing the human heart to the forefront and its ability to love and accept.